Loma de Vida

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Every summer my firm has a summer regional meeting at a resort in Texas. This year the meeting was hosted at La Cantera Resort. I had a girlfriend tell me their spa, Loma de Vida, is amazing so I immediately hoped online, looked at their services and booked the sky loft for Jonathan and I. We had a nanny come to our room to watch the boys and we went to enjoy our afternoon in a private loft overlooking the hill country. We each had a 90 minute massage and then we had an additional hour to just enjoy the loft itself. The balcony is decked out with lounge chairs and a soaking tub over looking the beautiful green hill country. It was STUNNING. The other facilities were amazing as well. They have a herbal steam room (my favorite), a shower, a soaking pool and a sauna in the ladies lounge area. The outdoor infinity pool which also overlooks the hill country was one of our favorite parts. I think you could make an entire day out of the ladies lounge and infinity pool without getting any services and still walk out feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated.
The entrance into Loma de Vida is beautiful! So much greenery and flowers.

Our stay in the sky loft was so nice. I’m a sucker for a bubble bath so I was in heaven with that view!

They had the most delicious cocktails! They were made with fresh squeezed juices. We had a concierge who brought us our drinks. They have a full menu but we were stuffed from lunch so we didn’t eat. I wished we would have tried their food.

The infinity pool was so nice. It’s slightly heated so it was the perfect temperature. And that view!!!

You guys, this was such a fun experience! It was a bit of a splurge for us but totally worth it! Sometimes you just have to treat yourself!! And for anyone who’s wondering our package was $650. We ended spending a bit more for our drinks and tipping, but like I said, it was worth it. Take a weekend trip and thank me later!

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