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What a wonderful year it has been with this sweet addition to our family. Jasper has brought so much happiness into our home. Just this morning Jaxon came downstairs and plopped himself right beside us as Jasper was nursing and said “I like brother.” I asked if he could image going back to just him, daddy and me and he gave me a very confident no. I was so nervous bringing another baby into our home, but Jaxon has exceeded my expectations as a big brother. And Jasper adores his big brother. He smiles every time he walks into the room and giggles at all of his shenanigans.

I have to say going from one child to two has been a real game changer! I feel constantly exhausted. I sometimes feel guilty about the lack of attention Jaxon gets but he seems unphased. Since I’m still nursing it’s a challenge to get time with just Jaxon and me. BUT he did have mom and dad all to himself for five years so I think he’ll be OK.

Jasper is going to be the opposite of his big brother, I think. He is not nearly as cautious or careful. He will definitely keep us on our toes! He’s outgoing and smiles at everyone. He absolutely loves to eat! There isn’t anything we’ve put in front of him that he hasn’t devoured.  He isn’t walking yet but he’s getting much braver on his feet so we think it’ll happen soon.

I have taken a milestone photo every month. It’s a wonderful way to track the changes that are happening so quickly. At first I used toys then I tried to incorporate the seasons and holidays. I’m sure I’ll do a special post for his birthday so we don’t have a 12 month picture yet. Just take a look at my sweet smiling babe. I think I notice the biggest change from month six to seven. From there on out there is a lot more hair and teeth in each photo. Which photo is your favorite?

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