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Jammies Session

- Family

I try to get the boys festive PJs for most holidays. Unfortunately it seems that my seven year old doesn’t like pajamas at all! He prefers an oversized tee and he’s good to go. Thankfully my almost two year…


- Family

One thing is for sure: Breastfeeding is very very HARD. I just ended my 13 1/2 month breastfeeding journey with Jasper. It happened very naturally. Once he hit 12 months, we started introducing organic whole milk, and he took…


- Family

I love chocolate and I love flowers, so it only makes sense that I love Valentine’s Day. I always try to do something special with my boys. Usually we make reservations at a nice restaurant in town, get dressed…

Wild One

- Family

I love making a big deal of my boy’s birthdays. I want to make them feel special and important and happy. Turning one is a BIG DEAL! I chose a Where the Wild Things Are theme for Jasper’s party.…

Jasper Luke

- Family

What a wonderful year it has been with this sweet addition to our family. Jasper has brought so much happiness into our home. Just this morning Jaxon came downstairs and plopped himself right beside us as Jasper was nursing…

Family Photos

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I love to take annual family photos for our Christmas cards. It’s a great way to see the changes in Jaxon, and now Jasper, every year. This year I wanted to dress up a bit. I’m so glad we…