Halloween 16

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My love for Harry Potter runs deep! I read the first book my freshman year of high school. I’ve been hooked since. I was so excited to dress up as Hermione this year. Let’s be real, she’s one bad ass girl! Smart, ambitious and strong. Of course Jasper had to be my Dobby. Jaxon wanted to be something scary this year and it just so happens the costume he chose looks very similar to a Dementor so we’ll just say he’s a  Dementor.


The sweetest house elf you’ll ever see.


Hogwarts proud!!



I found my cardigan, skinny tie and over the knee socks online at Hot Topic. I bought Jasper’s ears from an Etsy shop called Creativecrochet247 and cut up a little white tee for his Dobby costume. Jaxon’s costume is from Party City.

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