Jammies Session

- Family

I try to get the boys festive PJs for most holidays. Unfortunately it seems that my seven year old doesn’t like pajamas at all! He prefers an oversized tee and he’s good to go. Thankfully my almost two year old still doesn’t have a preference when it comes to clothing. I know I don’t have much more time until that changes. 😔 BUT until that time comes I’m taking full advantage of choosing his jammies and his outfits!!

I did a little amateur bedroom photo session with my littlest boo in our Christmas jammies. This will be one sad mama when all of my children think they are too cool for this kind of thing. 😢 I promise you that I’ll cling to these memories and how much fun it is! And I’m going to leave these photos here in my little corner of the internet so I have a place to come back to and reminisce.

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